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Be Your Own Boss

SPINSHOT360 Photo Booth Business: A Fun Start-Up that Earns Big Bucks

Are you more of a 9-to-5 guy? Or would you rather be your own boss?

If you ‘re someone who loves having the order into things; the predictability and steadfastness of following a schedule and routine—then, you’re someone who would do well in a corporate environment, steadily rising the corporate ladder.

But if you’re someone who loves and craves excitement and the possibility of meeting new people and being in the middle of the action – a career or livelihood outside the office environment will work the best for you.

Why not start a business that lets you do all these things and lets you earn big bucks –at the same time.

If you’re someone whose easy-going, love reaching out to people and creative, a photo booth business can be the most suitable enterprise for you. The nature of the business alone opens the possibility of meeting a lot of people, creating new acquaintances that can be turned into a network of clients and exposure to possible events that can bring serious revenue.

Owning a photo booth business will also not require a lot from you – it’s a pretty straightforward model: you buy your equipment, you advertise and market your services, you set-up and provide great service during events and then you earn.

It will not require too much technical know-how or even too much of your time. It’s up to you if you want to do it part-time, taking only events during weekends or during holidays; or if you want to do it full-time and be an entrepreneur.

As soon as you get over the initial challenge of making people aware of your service—it is up to you to maintain and ensure that you have a continuous flow of clients.

Since photo booths are a dime a dozen nowadays, how do you make yours stand-out?

Here’s a tip. Be different. More than having cool set-ups and cool props; make sure that what you offer will set you apart from a sea of other photo booths. Investing in SPINSHOT360 can do that for you.

SPINSHOT360 offers an interactive photo booth experience, with Bullet Time image capture that can be easily shared on social media, providing more leverage and better premium for potential customers.

An investment of $7,500 for the SPINSHOT360 Software and Kit already comes with a permanent license and full suite of hardware, including the SPINSHOT360 PC App, the SPINSHOT360 Camera App which you can use regardless of how many devices you have, the SPINSHOT360 Suite which is installed in tablets and accessed by guests.

The software system comes packed and secured with a USB Keylok that is specifically registered/licensed to the owner.

Rounding up the full package is the hardware kit which comes with camera stands, phone holders, phone powering systems and the alignment tools.

By offering something different, you are sure to pique the interest of a bigger audience; opening your business to a bigger market in return.

By nature, the exciting events industry will always go for the latest and the most enjoyable activities, like a photo booth experience that can be uploaded and shared instantly on social media, for example.

Know more how SPINSHOT360 serves as a perfect investment for a budding entrepreneur—drop by The Photo Booth Expo, happening from March 11 to 14 at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada and get 10% off on all products.

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