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Ready for the 360 Adventure?

Which Type of SPINSHOT360 Pioneer are you?

You’ve done your homework – the numbers are good and the potential to succeed is high.

You are now ready to take a chance in an interactive photo booth experience, and you are determined to take a leap with the best.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know that you are getting the right investment package – one that adheres to your readiness and budget? SPINSHOT360’s suite of products and services are geared to cater to different profiles of potential 360 experience pioneers.

The company understands that the emergence of this new kind of technology can be particularly jarring for a newbie in the business.

As experts in the field, SPINSHOT360 shares a few key points which can help potential investors determine their readiness based on their personality type:

The Mavericks

This is the type who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. After getting the necessary information, with the study and the numbers to back it up, this type of buyer gets ready for the next step by getting the best package out there.

This also applies to established businesses and individuals who want to move on to the next best technology and also from using DLSR cameras.

The Mavericks are not afraid to try something new, and take pleasure in being one of the earliest adopters of new technology.

They usually take pleasure in acquiring gadgets and using it to bolster their businesses.

Mavericks can either go for the SPINSHOT360 Software and Kit, which comes with a permanent license and the full suite of hardware, including the SPINSHOT360 PC App, the SPINSHOT360 Camera App, the SPINSHOT360 Suite that can be installed in tablets and accessed by guests.

The software system comes packed and secured with a USB Keylok that that is specifically registered/licensed to the owner.

Rounding up the full package is the hardware kit which comes with camera stands, phone holders, phone powering systems and the alignment tools. This package retails for USD7,500, exclusive of shipping costs.

The SPINSHOT360 Software kit can be purchased separately at USD6,000, the same goes for the hardware kit at USD1,500.

The Cautious but Eager Newbie

The cautious but eager newbie believes in the potential of the product, but their thoughtful and pragmatic nature dictates for them to try out a product or an experience first, before plunging head first.

They are thoughtful with their decisions, but interest is very high.

They are the types who make informed decisions and had the numbers and studies to back up any claim.

True to their nature, they want to start slowly, and slowly build up demand before purchasing the permanent license.

A perfect entry to the interactive booth experience for the cautious newbie is the Lease License package where they only need to pay an initial one-time lease fee of USD450.

Once they start booking events, they only need to pay the top up fee of USD300 for a single key lease license usable for one event.

Whatever may be the personality type, SPINSHOT360 is always on-hand to answer questions and share more information about the interactive photo booth experience.

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