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Take Your Event Business To The Next Level With SPINSHOT360

Any supplier in the events industry knows that you’re only as good as your last event.

The event industry in the United States is slated to continue its upward swing. In fact, according to Meeting Professionals International, the event industry contributes more to the US economy compared to air transportation, movie production, performance arts or any spectator sport.

There were more than 18 million events in 2016 alone, generating up to $280 billion in spending and $66.8 billion in labor income alone.

Because of this, interest in businesses related to the eventing industry is also on the upswing. In fact, in 2016, more people are searching for photo booth rentals than DJ rentals in 15 of North America’s largest cities, as well as in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

In the same year, searches for photo booth rentals reached an average of 226,000 monthly, increasing 48.9% from 2015.

Any supplier in the events industry knows that you’re only as good as your last event.

Trends come and go, but impeccable and innovative service remains a top draw. With as many events happening in one day alone, it is important to always have something new to offer potential clients and their discerning guests.

One thing that’s slowly taking over the event and party scene worldwide is the rise of interactive, three-dimensional mobile photo booths.

While traditional photo booths used to be the go-to staple as a nice souvenir for a party or an event well-done, the social media-friendly interactive photo booths are rapidly making its presence felt.

SPINSHOT360 is one of the pioneering names when it comes to three-dimensional photo booths. The final output is easily shareable to any of the guest’s social media accounts.

Images can be easily edited to include the brand name or event details to maximize brand recall.

If you’re in the events business and highly dedicated to innovation, now is the best time to invest in three-dimensional photo booths.

SPINSHOT360 is offering a comprehensive and friendly pricing for you to start your own mobile photo booth business, with maximum returns.

In fact, this innovative party must-have can be availed through the following price options: $6,000 gives you a permanent license for the software-only; $7,500 gives you the SPINSHOT360 software and set-up kit, which includes 27 unit of camera stands, cables and storage box.

The android phones are not included in the package as clients may have different preferences or market availability.

Lease options are also available, $450 for the software lease inclusive on one single use-key. Succeeding use will require a software key, which can be purchased at $300 per single use-key.

Following exceptional feedback from clients and party guests, a supplier can recoup his investment in as little as five months.

To get started, go to https://spinshot360.com/ and click the “Products” Button.

Learn more about SPINSHOT360 when you visit the Photobooth Expo, happening March 11 to 14,2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, visit the Photo Booth Expo

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