Three dimensional photo booth

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Benefit from the latest craze in events:
Are you ready to be a SPINSHOT360 startup?

Being an events producer is a business that never runs out of potential income opportunities.

Being highly charged affairs, events often call for unlimited and often complicated requirements just to ensure a successful and fun outcome.

For social events where the media, influencers or VIPs are expected to be present, unveiling something new, exciting and engagement among guests is always guaranteed to build word-of-mouth and social media buzz.

One thing that’s slowly but definitely taking over some of the world’s biggest events is the three-dimensional photo booth, which is edgier and definitely more exciting than the traditional photo booth.

Now, with three-dimensional video-like images which are easily shareable on social media, guests are slowly taking notice – making this modern, updated version a party must-have.

Capitalizing on this latest party craze is as easy as 1-2-3 with SPINSHOT360, the pioneer in this kind of technology.

SPINSHOT360 is an interactive photo booth that brings a three-dimensional experience to any celebration.

Setting up is easy and does not require a lot of people to operate, thus saving you in manpower cost compared to other bullet time systems, or even with the standard DSLR set-up in traditional photo booths.

The user-friendly SPINSHOT360 end-to-end software system, which can be purchased or leased, is also easy to operate and does not require too much effort.

Lastly, you can customize branding of the business, while taking advantage of the unique technology made possible by SPINSHOT360.

Take a piece of the ever-burgeoning events scene. With interactive, three-dimensional photo booths now visible on private celebrations and big corporate affairs, you are sure of return-of-investment.

ROI is predicted to be as immediate as six months when availing of the SPINSHOT360 Software + Kit, which comes with the full hardware set up and the SPINSHOT360 software system.

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